Our House and Rooms

     Bishop Hill Guest House is a fully furnished 1850's rock home consisting of a Parlor; Central Passage; large Kitchen with basic staples and condements provided; Dining area with a large hand-made harvest table; Sitting/Viewing area; and two Bedrooms, each with a king bed and full bath. There is also a washer and drier in the north bathroom.

     The North Bedroom was the original sitting/living area of the home. It has a stone fireplace, its own bath, and two large windows overlooking the Indian-Kentucky Valley.

     The South Bedroom, believed to be the original kitchen, has the largest fireplace in the home with an iron bar recessed in the chimney which we believe was used to hang meat and pots for cooking. This bedroom also has  its own full bath and a nice view to the East.

     The Parlor has the smallest fireplace in the house and is believed to be the sleeping area of the original home. It has a smart tv and a DVD player. 

     The Central Passage divides the Parlor and North Bedroom leading into the kitchen and the rest of the home.

     Just click on the slide arrows below to see our home. Images 1-5 show the North Bedroom and bath except the shower and washer/drier. Images 6-8 show the South Bedroom and bath. Images 9-15 show the Parlor; and images 17-25 show the kitchen, dining area and sitting/view areas.

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